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Certain Gifts Co., Ltd is a set of planning, design, development, sales, service as one of professional cultural gift company. For infinite love for Chinese traditional culture and historical culture, the spirit of "to inherit traditional culture, spread the gift culture" business purposes, the company vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of "Rites" instrument of the state, transfer of Huaxia ancient, song Jiao Jiangshan much, now the splendid Xiaoxiang, deeply rooted in culture, Jing Yu gift flower the "ceremony, artists and" was established as the company's core values. The company has always been to advanced technology and equipment for the premise, relying on high-quality personnel, reliable service for security, and to communicate with customers as a bridge, the acceptance of new ideas, has won the customer credibility, established stable cooperation relationship with numerous enterprises and institutions, and telecom power mobile Unicom large enterprises formed a supply unit long-term cooperation, has made a scraping the objective market performance, many products are domestic and international famous brands selected as the promotional gifts, won the customer's reputation, and gradually establish a reliable quality, functional and practical, fashionable, cheap Jia Yue Li industry brand image. At present the company has a number of ten gift series, more than one thousand kinds of varieties, represents the characteristic and trend in today's gift. Jiayue product sales in year 200 to 4000000 sets, the products are exported to Beijing, the three northeastern provinces, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and so on more than 20 provinces and cities, the annual sales growth year after year. And established a strategic partnership of friendly relations with more than 70 supporting the processing factory. Production of power The company at present and the number of self-employed factory and ODM factories have long-term cooperative relations, produce every product is always your interpretation of the "perfect service" and "excellent quality" concept. The advantages of design We have a design studio dedicated, specialized treatment on OEM/ODM orders, such as professional enterprise product image design, brand image of products production talent advantage, and always will be customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal of product design. Service characteristics "Gifts custom house" services. The company has professional gift planning departments, just put your requirement, customer groups tell us, we will be the most suitable for your gift to recommend to you, you will be "the ritual" maximization. We once the cooperation, our company will be your gift planning department.